Jean Marc Fraysse

Jean-Marc’s work experience spans over 30 years and he is fluent in French, English and Spanish. Beginning with agricultural projects across various continents, he moved into the shipping industry and subsequently corporate finance. Upon completing his studies in the USA, he focused on Pan European equities fund management where he held various positions in New York and London, successfully building and managing various entities and funds at BBH&Co. KPII, Cazenove, Park Place Capital, RAB and Pergam to name a few. Positions held grew from analyst, fund manager, director, managing director and partner. During this time he’s had extensive exposure to numerous industries and businesses at different stages of growth in both the public and unlisted space, client networking, marketing, team building and management. His strengths lie with his ability to think outside the box, evaluate businesses, trends and opportunities bringing in his network for support to deliver; he also gained extensive exposure to and experience with start ups through various investments, non-exec positions, mentoring and capital raising, which has been his primary focus since 2015 alongside pro bono activities.

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