Asset finance is quite simple, your business may already own, or you are looking to acquire assets including, equipment, software, machinery, vehicles, or any other physical equipment your business requires to function.

Aura Finance have excellent relationships with our handpicked lending panel, using our expert knowledge to match your requirements to the right lenders. A totally bespoke service where we offer businesses and individuals tailored lending in the following formats:

LEASES – The method of acquiring physical assets without paying for them outright. When leasing an object, a business will make monthly payments, including interest until the terms of the lease are up.

HIRE PURCHASE – Involves the same monthly payment structure as leases, but the monthly payments will add up to the full cost of the asset, meaning that the business will own the asset outright once the hire purchase term has ended.

ASSET REFINANCING – This is the method of using assets a business already has, to obtain the funding they require.

You will be appointed a personal finance specialist who will help explain and discuss all the relevant options. Rest assured; we go the extra mile for all our clients to ensure you get the best funding solution to best suit your needs.