Finance for Solar PV, and wind Installers and their customers.

We call this Trade lending, where we have especially looked at the lender market and added real depth into our lending base to support a specific industry or market installer or manufacturing base.

Here at Aura Finance, we’re proud to be supporting the solar and wind generation markets, we are aiming specifically at supporting the Solar PV and wind turbine installers.

We are looking to appoint installers nationwide where we can help provide finance solutions for businesses to facilitate a solar installation.

With the recent rise in energy prices, everybody has gone solar mad. Businesses especially have taken up the gauntlet by adding solar or wind turbines to generate energy and alleviate the reliance upon the utilities and the high cost of energy.

We understand solar, we understand businesses and we have various renewable lenders eager to look at proposals.

As a Solar PV installer, Aura can enable you to plug directly into Aura’s finance team, to help a business capex a Solar PV or wind installation of any size, be it a 10kw to a huge solar farm. Without fear that you would lose the install.

We’ll work hard with you and the business in question to unlock the finance they need to be able to ensure you get the installation.

As an Aura approved installer, we can also help manage the payment schedule as you’ll be completely informed and be part of the core team ensuring there’s no hiccups or cashflow problems.

Contact an Aura Finance specialist today and let’s discuss how we can assist your business.