Purchasing a business can encompass many forms of lending, dependent upon the variables, type of business, the P&L, future income, goodwill any available cash and so on.

No matter if you are new to purchasing a business, a management team wanting to do a buyout, or a buy-in, an entrepreneur who’s spotted an opportunity, or you may be a seasoned professional adding to your group’s portfolio.

Aura Finance have the skills to quickly understand what you are trying to achieve and to ask the relevant questions in order to properly present your project to a varied selection of specialist lenders, who are perfectly suited to take onboard all the elements in play, ultimately enabling you to successfully achieve your purchase.

This type of finance is very dependent on detail, amongst the questions your Aura finance specialist will ask.

  • What is your overall objective?
  • Do you have any assets, collateral, or cash to leverage in the deal?
  • What is your background, history, credit status?
  • Why are you looking to purchase?
  • What does this business do?
  • Who’s involved, what’s their roles, will they be staying around?
  • What assets does this business have?
  • Accounting and P&L for the new business?
  • Debts, accruals, loan positions and so on…

Once we’ve done our homework and understand all the components, we can match this to our lending panel and pull on the expertise from within the Aura team to blend a solution utilising all the relevant elements that best fit the overall objective.

Every proposal is specifically tailored upon the facts and the lenders appetite and ability in wanting to do the deal. We’ll aim to obtain multiple options and quite often various ways to achieve the same objective.

No obligations if we can help, we will, if not we won’t waste anybody’s time. Call an Aura Finance specialist to discuss your next project.