The world of business finance has changed. Aura Finance Capital is a professional FCA regulated commercial credit brokerage specialising in providing tailored financial solutions to businesses.

Aura has specifically targeted manufacturing-based businesses with a mission to empower them and help leverage the power behind financing an asset.

We are thrilled to unveil what we feel is a game-changing solution designed exclusively for manufacturing businesses.

Our goal?
To help you sell more products, no matter what challenges you face. With Aura’s expertise and innovative approach, we will help you unlock new levels of success.

  1. We understand that manufacturing businesses have unique financial needs. Our team works
    closely with you to design a custom asset finance solution that aligns with your current sales
    process, goals and customers.
  2. We can be totally behind the scenes or integrated into your sales process to enable quick
    and efficient decisions for your customers.
  3. We work with all types of lenders, from prime, adverse credit, new business, or ones with a
    low turnover.
  4. We offer a variable commission model where we share our lender commissions with you.
  5. Preferential borrowing rates for your own manufacturing business and expansion.

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, partnering with Aura Finance Capital means more
than just accessing finance.

Together, we’ll reach new horizons and drive your business to unprecedented success.

You can contact us directly on;
Keith Cottier – Commercial Director or call 07712 290 552

Amanda Davies – Corporate & Consumer Finance Manager or call 0161 843 5467

Let's dive right in!

Before we jump on a call, these are the basics we’ll want to talk about to quickly evaluate how we can assist you.

  1. What do you make?
  2. What does a typical customer look like?
  3. How do you currently make a sale?
  4. What’s a typical value?
  5. Do you already have a finance broker, if so, how do they work with you now, and how much business did they write for you last year?
  6. What are you looking for?
You can contact us directly on; or call 07712 290 552
Keith Cottier - Commercial Director
or call 0161 843 5467
Amanda Davies
Corporate & Consumer Finance Manager