You may ask yourself, ‘why do I need a credit broker?’

On the face of it, the simple answer is you don’t. Especially, if you start to search the multitude of brokers and lenders that are all looking for new business, every one of them would seem to be able to do the job. Eventually, after speaking to them, completing lots of forms and discussions you might end up with what you need.

However, we would argue that a GOOD credit broker is worth their weight in gold and is an absolute necessity in your business toolbox.

Aura’s business culture is based upon the same as our personal views, be open, honest, transparent and treat people how you expect to be treated.

We can honestly say we look past our own interests as our goal isn’t to win one deal with you, it’s built upon a long-term view, to building a solid trusting relationship where we get to learn about you, your business and how we may can assist.

We’ll never just do a deal for the sake of it or put you with a specific lender because we earn the most commission.

What, how or why?
A typical credit broker won’t divulge what, how or why and you probably don’t understand the broking world to know why this is so important.

We currently have a core panel of around 40 different lenders, these relationships are key, and we continue to work hard to maintain and build them.

It is our responsibility to know each in detail, what they offer, what each are best at, who can move quickly, which lenders need to fill their monthly targets, what their core abilities are opposed to what they say they are, will they work with other lenders and how far we can push them.

Ultimately, for you the customer we can create a true tailored solution for what you are looking to achieve.

All these points reflect in better terms, better commissions, better APR’s and so on, with the added ability for us to squeeze our finance lenders for a better deal for our customers based upon the bigger picture.

All this has a huge bearing on what our final proposition can be and clearly demonstrates why it’s vitally important for you to choose the right broker.

One of the biggest elements often overlooked is everybody’s time. Time does cost money, and if you need to move quickly and happen to have the wrong broker or do a quick internet search and choose without properly researching it, you’ll never get the best solution as your schedule doesn’t matter as the lender or broker dictates it.

Why Aura Finance?
Aura Finance has been built by businesspeople, not finance people wanting to make a business.

It’s been born from the frustrations of a us in the past in our own businesses, being limited by then the lack of knowledge in the finance world and what is actually available.

There’s much that can be done, and it shouldn’t be based upon you knowing the right question to ask.

Aura Finance won’t lead you up the garden path, what we will do is quickly get to the bottom of your enquiry. Then work hard to ensure what we suggest is the best option for you. If we can’t we’ll also tell you that.

Let’s see how we can reshape your world, call an Aura finance specialist today.