The best laid plans can come unstuck through no fault of your own. Auras Bridging Finance solutions can immediately help cover that gap. Most often bridging loan finance is used to cover when moving house, while the sale of a new property is still being completed but you need to ‘bridge the gap’.

Bridging Finance can be used for far more than a property move, making it a real option depending on what you are trying to achieve and what other solutions or issues you may face. Alternative purposes, include: –

  • Buying a property at auction
  • Property refurbishment and development finance
  • A form of short-term capital for business use.

Why is it such a good option?

  • Typically, no early repayment penalties.
  • Single bullet repayment at maturity, meaning no monthly payments.
  • Faster execution, Aura can put a bridging loan in place within two weeks.
  • No monthly interest payments, interest is typically rolled-up over term.

Lenders take a different view to bridging loan finance, it’s not all about your personal income, employment, assets, credit scores although these aspects will be assessed and evaluated alongside the whole application. The bridge lending process allows for loans to be funded quickly since the decision-making process is based primarily on the value of the property as collateral and loan security as well as the prospective exit strategy be it final values of a development.

The Aura Finance Team Is an experienced group of professionals in the lending market and will rapidly respond to your bridge financing needs. Let us look, chances are we can help remove that headache!