UK Team

Aura Finance Capital

Garry Stevens-Smith

Managing Director
Garry is a dynamic entrepreneur with an exceptional talent for strategic thinking and visionary ideas. He has a remarkable ability to quickly identify opportunities and create impactful solutions that deliver results across multiple markets. His meticulous attention to detail ensures that all projects are executed with precision and excellence. Garry thrives on innovation and is always able to think outside the box, making him an ideal leader for any team. He is a true asset in any business venture and has proven time and again that he is able to succeed at all levels, no matter the challenge.

Darren Mooney

Senior Partner
Darren is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful project development across several industries. He is skilled in identifying critical opportunities and facilitating lasting partnerships to drive growth and profitability. During his career, Darren has helped to raise millions of dollars in global finance to support innovative ventures and expand market reach. As a strategic thinker, he is committed to delivering measurable results and exceeding stakeholder expectations. Darren's keen business acumen, coupled with his ability to excel in fast-paced environments, make him a highly sought-after leader in the world of entrepreneurship and corporate coach.

Jean Marc Fraysse

Senior Partner
Jean-Marc’s work experience spans over 30 years and he is fluent in French, English and Spanish. Beginning with agricultural projects across various continents, he moved into the shipping industry and subsequently corporate finance. Upon completing his studies in the USA, he focused on Pan European equities fund management where he held various positions in New York and London, successfully building and managing various entities and funds at BBH&Co. KPII, Cazenove, Park Place Capital, RAB and Pergam to name a few. Positions held grew from analyst, fund manager, director, managing director and partner. During this time he’s had extensive exposure to numerous industries and businesses at different stages of growth in both the public and unlisted space, client networking, marketing, team building and management. His strengths lie with his ability to think outside the box, evaluate businesses, trends and opportunities bringing in his network for support to deliver; he also gained extensive exposure to and experience with start ups through various investments, non-exec positions, mentoring and capital raising, which has been his primary focus since 2015 alongside pro bono activities.

Amanda Jane Davies

Corporate & Consumer Finance Manager
Amanda's financial prowess is unrivalled, with an impressive track record in both corporate, consumer lending and debt management. She possesses remarkable insight into the intricacies of the financial lending industry and is well-versed in Aura's comprehensive lending panel. As a leader, she ensures that her clients and team alike provide exceptional guidance and support to clients seeking finance. Amanda's customer-centric approach means that she meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring that each client's personalized financial requirements are met. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is a valuable asset to the team.

Keith Cottier

Commercial Director
Keith Cottier is a strategic thinker and a consummate professional with a profound understanding of diverse business landscapes. His extensive knowledge spans across a multitude of business types, allowing him to navigate complexities with ease. Keith's forte lies in strategic partnerships, where his keen insights and focused approach drive the creation of impactful and enduring alliances. He is adept at identifying synergies that propel businesses towards shared goals and sustained growth. Keith's strategic mindset is a catalyst in shaping successful partnerships that not only enhance market presence but also enrich the business ecosystem. With a passion for forging meaningful connections and leveraging collective strengths, Keith continually adds value to businesses and their stakeholders, exemplifying the power of strategic collaboration.

Singapore Team


Mr. Norman TAY

Senior Partner
Structured Financial Solutions

Over 25 years of experience
Serial Entrepreneur & Financier

Project & Corporate Funding
Merger & Acquisition
Business Modelling
IPO Preparation
Structured Financial Solutions
Private Investment Programs

Global Perspective

Ms. Meenakshi BAHRI

Partner, Dubai & Mumbai

Entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an MBA in Marketing and over 20 years of experience in business and financial services. Ms. Meena has been engaged in the area of Creative Financial Solutions since 2010. As an advisor and consultant in this financial sector, Meena has assisted in the procurement of project funding for both private companies and government capital markets.

Mr. Emir AZIZ


Emir is an out and out Oil Boy in the real sense. Emir has been in the oil and gas industry, and petroleum products since 2010. His experience spanned regionally working with major players in the oil and gas industry as well as OPEC member companies. Emir is also the Executive Director and Co-Founder of OneWorld Peace Maker Foundation and a Member of HARP for global asset management program with extensive network in the Structured Private Financial Opportunity Platforms.

Ms. Jilline CHANG

Managing Consultant

MBA, University of Coventry
Global Business Management
Over 25 years of experience

Organisation Development
Strategic Planning
Business & Culture Transformation

MNC & Regional Experience

Mr. Vincent ZHUANG

Principal Consultant (Finance)

Group Financial Controller
Over 13 years of experience in starting businesses, growing SMEs, & managing listed entities.

Audit & Taxation
Wealth Management Advisory
Business Consultancy
Financial Modelling

MNC & Regional Experience

Ms. Karli CHANG

Director of Administration

Over 25 years of experience in
Corporate Services

Human Resource
Organisational Culture
Corporate Secretarial Support

MNC & Regional Experience

Mr. Jeffrey LEONG


MBA, Manchester Business School
Global Business Management

Business Management Strategy
Growth Strategies
Market Monitoring & Analysis
Financial Management
Valuation Strategy

MNC Experience

Mr. Leon HENG

Digital Marketing Executive

Background in branding, website, graphic & logo design.

Crafting creative solutions to help with business growth.

Graduated from Sunway University.

JDN Worldwide Pte Ltd

A Business Marketing Platform Partner In Singapore

Mr. Danny LIM

Managing Partner

Over 20 years of experience in Marketing Communications, Branding Project Management

Channel Management
Marketing Communications
Operations Management
General Management
Business Development

MNC Regional Experience