Aura have developed a self-generating process that benefits a business owners desire to sell either immediately or in the future.

Totally unique and unmatched as it draws upon Aura’s FCA credit brokerage lending panel and Aura’s positioning in the Strategic Investment Marketplace.

In short, we can tailor a proposal that will put a smile on everybody’s face.

It is a very simple process.

By taking a snapshot view of your business we can effectively tell you how much we can pay for your business as an upfront payment, with the rest being paid over a specific term.

You work yourself out over a given agreed term, we build into the sale and purchase a management buy out with the incumbent team. Incentivising them to build the business, and over the ensuing 3 to 5 years the business becomes more valuable that eventually the team purchase from us, which we help them afford with favourable terms from our lenders.

It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in. It doesn’t matter if it has a turnover of £500,000 or £50 million the principles still apply.

If you are serious about selling and would like to initially talk it through in absolute confidence, call us.

If you are ready to start the process complete the following form.